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Frontier Frostbite

James Bay Frontier Division

April 2000/7

Outdoor Cooking

Cinnamon Toast:
For perfect no mess cinnamon toast, I usually mix the sugar and cinnamon in with the butter and spread on the bread once it is toasted. You can return to the heat for a few seconds if you wish.

Gingerbread Cups:
Clean the inside of orange shells. Prepare gingerbread mix according to directions. Fill orange cup full of mix. Place cups in a bed of coals, not too hot. Bake slowly, turning shells around as needed. The orange flavour blends into gingerbread.

Oatmeal Cookie Treats:
Spread your favourite canned pie filling on large oatmeal cookies. Top with another oatmeal cookie. Wrap securely in foil. Heat over hot coals until warm. Yummy!!

Place a piece of Jersey Milk chocolate on a graham cracker square. Lightly toast a marshmallow over hot coals until golden and soft. Place marshmallow on prepared graham cracker and top with another graham cracker. Everyone will be asking for s'more,please.

Tin Foil Dinner:
To cook an entire meal over a campfire, without a messy pot to clean and no dishes to wash; just cook and eat from the same container. You can do this by using heavy duty aluminum foil and the food will be tastier because all the juices will be retained. Meat and vegetables can be cooked together or individually.

The important thing to remember is to cook on hot coals. NEVER put foil wrapped foods into a flame. The melting point for aluminum is 1250F and on an open fire it will disintegrate. The best type of fire to use is a keyhole fire, keeping the large part of the keyhole burning briskly and the smaller end of the fire for ember cooking. This is done by scraping embers from the large section when needed.

To wrap the food for best results, tear off a sheet of foil large enough to go around the food and to crimp the edges. Place the food in the centre,shiny side on the inside, and bring the long ends together in a drug store wrap. Fold the short ends over at least twice in order to seal the ends. Keep the parcel as flat as possible rather than heaping the contents and it will take less cooking time. Wet some newspaper and wrap it around the parcel; then tear off another piece of foil and wrap loosely again using the drug store wrap.

Cook over embers, turning once or twice. The wet newspaper between the foil will assure you of a deliciously cooked meal rather than a charred mess.

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