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El Salvador Twinning Challenge

To earn your Twinning Patch you MUST complete #1 and the number of additional challenges as per the following Branch requirements:

Sparks- 4
Brownies- 5
Senior Branches/Adults-8
Guides- 6

1. Purchase the El Salvador crest (available at the Guide Shoppe) which makes a $.65 donation per crest to the Twinning Project


make a donation to the Twinning Project.

2. Make bread and/or pastry and serve it.

3. Colour the flag of El Salvador.

4. Make bread dough ornaments.

5. Design a Mayan temple.

6. Try making and painting a clay pottery ornament.

7. Colour or dress a doll (paper or toy) in her Girl Guide uniform or traditional dress.

8. Make a gecko (lizard) craft.

9. Make a basket.

10. Make a wood carving, e.g., bread board.

11. Try weaving.

12. Make a collage of El Salvador.

13. Read a folk tale from El Salvador and act it out.

14. Learn about traditional toys and/or games.

15. Sing a song from El Salvador.

16. Try a folk dance from El Salvador or free movement to their music.

17. Design a board game with flag, population, religion, food, animals, sports, etc., of El Salvador and share it with another Unit.

18. Find a recipe, make/bake and serve it.

19. Make an El Salvador Guiding uniform.

20. Learn the Girl Guide Promise & Law & levels of Guiding.

21. Make a relief map of the country.

22. What is the National Anthem? Can you tie the words to the history of the country?

23. Find out about the history of the people of El Salvador. Who were their ancestors?

24. Check the Internet for information about El Salvador.

25. Find El Salvador on a world map. What is the capital city?

26. What type of currency is used in El Salvador?

27. Learn some simple Spanish phrases and try them.

28. Invite someone from El Salvador to your Unit.

29. Do some investigation into the transportation used in El Salvador.

30. Try the volcano experiment. How many volcanoes exist in El Salvador?

31. What are some of the feast days and traditions in El Salvador? Have your Unit recreate an appropriate festival day.

32. Describe a typical day in school in El Salvador.

33. Discuss the life of a teen in El Salvador and compare it to yours.

34. Find out what a typical day's schedule would be for a woman in El Salvador.