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Frontier Frostbite

James Bay Frontier Division

September 2000/6


Stained Glass Window

This was a great craft and the melted crayon stained glass looked more real than using coloured tissue paper. Some kids melted two colours together and the leaves looked like real fall colours.

What You Need:

Black construction paper
Wax paper
Crayons or crayon pieces in fall colours
Iron (requires adult supervision)

Cut black construction paper into 5x5 squares.

With two pieces of paper together, trace a leaf on the top square and then cut out the leaf with the two pieces together. The squares will be solid around the edges with a leaf pattern cut out of the centre

Next shave crayons, using the colours of fall leaves. Using a warm iron, melt the crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper. Then cut down the wax paper to fit between the two squares of construction paper.

To assemble the window, place one square of construction paper on the table and glue your wax paper glass to that square. Then place the second square over the first square making sure your leaf patterns matches up and glues the two squares together.

We used those little suction cups with the hook on it to hang it on windows.


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