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Frontier Frostbite

James Bay Frontier Division

September 2000/5

The No Hair Song
(sung to the tune of Ginny Drake's "Proud to Be in Guiding" in the"Celebrate With Song" Song Book)

These words were written by Northern Area Guiders on the bus, on Highway144, returning to James Bay Frontier Division, after attending Area Annual 2000 in Sudbury. Jo-Anne Groulx, our Area Commissioner, had challenged all Northern Area Guiders to raise $2,000 for the Breast Screening Clinic. We went over the goal by about $100, so, true to her word, Jo-Anne asked her longtime friend Lise Provenšal to shave her head, right after Closing Ceremonies.
Jo-Anne and Lise have both been touched by cancer. Jo-Anne lost her husband to cancer several years ago, and Lise herself is a breast cancer survivor. As Lise so aptly put it, we have another hero.
Thank you, Jo-Anne


We're proud to be from Northern
We're such a friendly crowd
We cheered you on in Sudbury
You made us all so proud
You challenged us to dig deep
We came up with the cash
So you shaved your head just like you said
And Breast Screening gained so much


Oh we're proud to be in Guiding
Proud to be in Guiding
Yes we're proud to be in Guiding
With you Jo-Anne


There are a lot of benefits
From being hair deficient
You never need to buy shampoo
You just need "Mop and Glow"
Then there's all that time you save
During the morning rush
You get to spend more time in bed
And never need a brush


So now you look like David
Oh my, won't he be glad
And here's another bonus
That won't make you too sad
You probably cannot get lice
And if you do don't worry
The little critters won't stay long we're sure
They have no place to hide

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